While employees work for a company, the company needs to keep track of the employees' attendance, roster and salary to run an efficient payroll system. To keep such records of employees in one place, companies are compelled to run lengthy paperwork and use vast amount of staff time. Such approach could prove to be unefficient in a competitive and fast growing environment. Accessible System stands out with a solution to these problems. Accessible System provides a convenient way to roster employees, track the number of working hours and accomodate employees with weekly budget. Accessible System is the best in class online attendance, rostering and salary system.

  • Accessible System is loved by small businesses and companies
  • Accessible System makes tracking employees' attendance and keeping the record of their roster fairly easy.
  • Accessible System minimises the lengthy paperwork of keeping all employee information in one place
  • Accessible system provides access for multi users as they can access system simultaneously
  • Accessible System is accessible from anywhere(mobile, tablet,PC)